Welcome to the next generation of viewing pleasure!

Our unique multichannel Full-HD Video Cabins are the modern way of watching porn; combining all the benefits from the different viewing experiences. The cabins have:

  • The high level comfort and high-Q picture benefits from the classical “living room sofa DVD-watching”
  • The “endless” selection and the possibility of an instant variety change from surfing porn on the internet
  • The obvious “out from home” benefits as well as the privacy and anonymity that our shop provide

  • The cabins are kept on top notch standards concerning both cleanness- and freshness level; and the level of high quality content and service.

    All this together makes this simply put the best viewing experience there is, unparalleled to anything you ever experienced before!

      Every week dozens of new DVD releases are added to our multichannel Full-HD Video Cabins, which already holds more than 15 000 different sex film titles to choose from.

    Each channel is showing a different high quality movie, and during your viewing you can at any given moment freely change the channel, the next movie is just a click away!

    There is no limit to how many times you can change the channel/movie during your stay, as the limitation is set to the time in the cabin and not to a fixed chosen movie. This means that the days when you felt stuck to one chosen movie that maybe didn’t live up to your expectations are long gone! Now it´s only to switch the channel!
      The automatic Full-HD viewing cabins are equipped with very comfortable cinema-chairs with integrated stereo speakers and adjustable audio level.

    The easy-to-use controls make it very simple to browse through our huge selection of movies. All the movie controls that you are used to from home viewing are of course available here as well, such as; fast forward, rewinding, slow motion and the DVD-menu selections.
      Every cabin has two separate 32" TV-displays at your service, showing the finest and sharpest Full-HD picture imaginable.

    The TV’s are placed on top of each other. The lower one is showing the movie from the current channel and the upper one, the so called Quad-screen, shows randomly shortcuts or previews from 4 different films simultaneously; also displaying the channel number of each movie for an easy access.

    To make it even more convenient, the A, B, C and D buttons on the control panel gives you the possibility to instantly “bring down” any movie shown at Quad-display to the lower TV.
    On the top row of the control panel you will find F-buttons for help options in English.

    By pushing the *-button you can instantly restart any chosen film from the beginning.

    The number-buttons makes it possible for you to directly jump to any channel number of interest.

    There is control buttons for different playing options:
  • Fast forwarding
  • Rewinding
  • Jumping to next or previous scene
  • Slow motion
  • and many more...

  • While watching a movie the previous listed playing options are also available by moving the Joystick in different directions. The Joystick is also used to navigate the imbedded catalog and search function. This useful function lets you easily find all available movies of your preference. For example, you can list and select movies by category, studio name, actor/actress etc.

    Tip! Most movies that are on display in the store area are available for viewing in the cabins. These movies have a yellow sticker on the cover that shows the channel number on which they are played. This makes it possible to first browse and select our movie covers in our store at your own pace, and then easily finding and viewing them in the cabins by using the number-buttons to punch in a specific channel number.


      There are two different payment option for using the cabins, cash and prepaid smartcard.

    Cash payments are done from inside the cabin, and can be refilled at any time. All coins and bills between 1 € up to 50 € are accepted.

    You can start the viewing pleasure for as little as 1€.
    There is also a change machine available. It’s placed outside the cabin, in the centre of the Cabin area.
    Every cabin accepts 5€, 10€, 20€ and 50€ bills. For each euro paid you will receive 1 viewing unit.

    The remaining units are always clearly shown in the cabin with 1/10 accuracy.
      All cabins are equipped with a slot that accepts our own easy-to-use Bonus-smartcard.

    By buying the prepaid smartcards, you will always receive extra viewing units for free. The percentage of free bonus units are increasing with increasing amount prepaid. In other words, the higher money amount you are buying for the higher percentage bonus units you will get.

    Hence, by buying the smartcard, you will get more value for your money and a cheaper viewing experience!
    The Bonus-smartcard machine and Change machine are easy to use and are placed at the center of the Video Cabin area. The smartcard can also be reloaded in the same machine.

    Our staff will be happy to assist you if you have any questions about the cards or if you need any assistance regarding the smartcard machine.

    Tip! By using the smartcard you can always stop the viewing at any given moment and save the remaining units for next time!
      Close up photo of our Bonus-smartcard machine.

    You can freely choose from six different amount to load the smartcard with, starting from 20 € up to 100€. Bonus units will always be added to the card according to the bonus table shown on the machine. The bonus when loading a card starts from 20%, and the percentage is increasing with the higher amount loaded and goes all the way up to 100% !!!

    All smartcard can be reloaded at any time. When buying a totally new smartcard the machine will deduct a 2€ fee, so it’s always a good idea to save even an empty card until next time. Smartcard is reloadable for up to 64 times and the units on a card never expire.

    So welcome to enjoy how porn really should be experienced!
    Don’t miss out on the greatest and most pleasurable
    viewing experience you ever had!

    *****       Welcome!       *****

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